L2J MOBA 1.0.0

MOBA event are enabled by default. Players must find the npc MOBA LOBBY to register their party in to the lobby. The games are 1vs1 party. Each team has its base (tower), 3 towers (turrets) and minions (creeps). The minions are spawned after 10 seconds into the game and then respawned every 1 minute.


  1. Donate and receive access to the latest version of the mod.
  2. Download the zip and extract the Moba-1.0.ext.jar file and place it in the gameserver folder.
  3. Download the data folder and move to your rev gameserver folder.
  4. Copy the contents of the strings_(en/ru).properties file and add at the end of your string/strings_(en/ru).properties file.
  5. Replace the MobSkillAnimgrp_Classic, Npcgrp_Classic files in your system_(en/ru) client directory.
  6. Start or restart the server.
Post installation
  1. The npc moba lobby is teleported into Giran(center) by default.
  2. Register your party in the lobby.
  3. Click "start" on the party line you want to face.
How do I get access?
By contributing to the project contact us on discord/email you will be added to the private project on bitbucket.
What is the duration of access?
3 months. Any update will be automatically available during this period.
  • Lucera 2 - Interlude/Classic
  • Java 13
Key Features
  • Languages: English
  • Not allow custom settings
  • 1 hour match
  • 2 teams/party(red & blue)
  • Access through an npc
  • 1 ARENA(by now)
  • Simultaneous matches
As a thank you for the donation you will receive 3 months access to the mod. After making the donation, contact us on discord/email below so that we can grant access to the mod.